How to handle p:ajax event

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This is solution.
write in showcase.xhtml

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<h:form id="articlesForm">
          <p:tabView id="tabView" var="category" value="#{showcaseBean.categories}" onTabChange="tabChanged()">
           <p:ajax event="tabChange" listener="#{showcaseBean.onChange}" />

<p:remoteCommand name="tabChanged" action="switchTab"/>


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 public void onChange(TabChangeEvent event)
        chosenCategory = (Category)event.getData();


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<var name="showcaseBean" class="my.backing.ShowcaseBean"/>
    <view-state id="showcase" view="showcase.xhtml" >
     <transition on="switchTab">
         <evaluate expression="showcaseBean.fetchArticlesForChosenCategory(showcaseService)"/>


So I can translate any event on page to 'action' for web-flow file through <p:remoteCommand and Javascript method
Foe example we need to read data from database on page start. So we can add

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<script type="text/javascript">
           window.onload = function ()

and this updateTabs() invokes

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<p:remoteCommand name="updateTabs" action="actionForMyFlowDefinitionFile"/>
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But I found later that I can use the events in flow definition file.
So it works properly in such way:

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<flow ..>
    <var name="tabviewBean" class="my.backing.TabviewBean"/>
        <evaluate  expression="tabviewBean.fetchCategoriesList(showcaseService)"/>

    <view-state id="tabView" view="tabView.xhtml" >
            <evaluate expression="tabviewBean.fetchArticlesForChosenCategory(showcaseService)"/>

    <end-state id="completeTabViewFlow"/>

showcaseService - it's a Spring @Service("showcaseService") that is registered in Spring configuration file.
TabviewBean - it's a backing bean.

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