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04 Mar 2015, 13:08

How can I process the operation of closing a tab depending of a user's confirmDialog action ? "yes" to continue closing the tab, "No" to abort the operation. I have made this code below but the tab is closed anyway. Any suggestions please ?

I am using Primefaces 5.1

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<p:confirmDialog    closable="true" appendToBody="true" id="confirmDialog" message="Are you sure to close ?" header="Test"  widgetVar="confirmation">  
        <p:commandButton id="confirm" value="Yes" onclick="????;" oncomplete=" PF('confirmation').hide();"/>  
        <p:commandButton id="decline" value="No" onclick="PF('confirmation').hide()" /> 

<p:tabView  onTabClose="PF('confirmation').show();">
        <p:tab title="test tab" closable="true" >
           // Some inputs controls here
I am using Primefaces 5.1

Posts: 3
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05 Mar 2015, 14:45

Any help please ?
Thank you guys.

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05 Mar 2015, 16:22

Ronald van Kuijk
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