Strange behaviour when deploying application as JAR instead of .class files

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18 May 2017, 10:24

Hello there,

I'm somewhat new to PrimeFaces (using it for about 1 year now) and first I would like to thank the PrimeFaces team for the gift of a free version. Also thanks to the community helping here.

I'm having strange problems with an application that I develop and that uses the PrimeFaces p:fileUpload component in advanced mode.
When running the application in my development environment, deployed as a bunch of .class files, the p:fileUpload component works perfectly.
When I pack my .class files as .jar archive, the app behaves "strange".

There is only one difference on the production system. It's has the jar instead of the class files.
When I deploy the class files there, everything works as expected. I'm asking for Ideas.

What do I mean with strange?

- p:fileUpload does not accept EL expression in it's sizeLimit attribute (it results in an null pointer exception).
- It looks like the RegeEx in the allowed file extensions attribute is empty, altough I had explicitly set it...
- when I do press the upload button, the fileUploadListener callback is never called...

All in all it is all about the attributes. I also stepped into the primefaces classes with the debugger.

It seems like all the problems come to the surface inside the method "encodeScript" of org.primefaces.component.fileupload.FileUploadRenderer.
When calling some of the attr("attribute", a, b) methods there, it starts to trigger null pointer exceptions...

It only happens when my app is deployed as JAR... the .xhtml files that build the context of the p:fileUpload
are not part of the jar file, they are located in a seperate folder.

I'm not asking for a concrete example 'nor I'm posting any exception logs. Because the broken fileUpload component is just symptom
of another problem. I'm asking for ideas what could be different when starting an web application inside tomcat/myfaces as a JAR instead of
a bunch of .class files.


Orcale JVM: 1.8
Apache Tomcat: 8.0.42
Apache MyFaces: 2.2.9
PrimeFaces 6.0

Ideas will be very much appreciated!
- Orcale JVM: 1.8
- Apache Tomcat: 8.0
- Apache MyFaces: 2.2
- PrimeFaces 6.0

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