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Single page navigation

Posted: 28 Sep 2009, 04:28
by jtoupin
I have never used PrimeFaces before. I am looking to use it in a new project and would like to know if it is possible to do single page navigation.

I have developping a RIA application and all the navigation and event handling has to be done through AJAX. For example, I would have an upper part of the screen where the main menu is and upon navigating to different areas of the app, only the lower part of the screen is updated through AJAX similar to an iframe.


Re: Single page navigation

Posted: 28 Sep 2009, 21:09
by cagatay.civici

I think your use case could be better implemented with frames since you would try to load huge content without causing page refresh. Anyway sure you can implement it with PrimeFaces ajax as well.