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07 Dec 2018, 17:52


I'm using PF 6.2.12 and I've a problem with menubutton's menuitem.

I've a p:datatable with a bunch of columns, the last column contains one menubutton with few menuitems. The datatable have reflow=true

On normal viewports (desktop, tablets) all works fine, but when I use Mobile Safari (iOS 11.x / 12.x) on iPhone, both portrait and landscape mode, the menubutton does not work at all.

It is rendered but tapping it does not open the selections of items so I can't choose an option.

This happens just on iOS' Safari mobile and about a 70-80% of times, I could not find any clear pattern to reproduce it 100% of times.

Is this a known problem ? What can I do to workaround it ? (besides restructuring the table and not using menubutton/menuitem) ?

Many thanks for any help, I'm stuck with this very annoying problem


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08 Dec 2018, 15:04

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11 Dec 2018, 17:28

Thanks, but as far as I can see none of them seems related to my problem.
I'm still debugging it but can't find any clue...


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