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28 Mar 2019, 06:44

How can I put a line break to the tooltip primefaces component to separate the first line from the second line?

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<p:tooltip id="toolTip" for="idButton" value="First line Second Line" position="top"/>

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28 Mar 2019, 12:49

Try this.

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	<h:button id="backButton" value="Back" />
	<p:tooltip showDelay="600" for="backButton">
		<p:outputPanel layout="inline">
			<h:outputText value="line1" /><br />
			<h:outputText value="line2" /><br />
			line3<br />line4

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28 Mar 2019, 13:59

Another option...

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<p:tooltip id="toolTip" for="idButton" value="First line<br/>Second Line" position="top" escape="false"/>
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