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I'm trying to use the p:spinner element for a currency value, represented as a float or double. In Germany the fractional digits are seperated by a comma (2,25) and not by a dot(2.25). The converter follows this convention. But the spinner converts the value to "dot-seperation" (2,10 E -> 210.00 E).

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<p:spinner styleClass="spinner_fiel" value="#{cc.attrs.value}" stepFactor="0.25" suffix=" E" >
	<f:convertNumber type="currency"/>
Is it possible to make the spinner element locale-sensitive?

To reproduce this problem you maybe have to set the local attribute in the f:converNumber to "de".
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Hello World? :-)
When can I expect with this feature?

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I really need this feature too...
I think I´ll fallback to "normal" input field because using wrong decimal delimiters is a big error source.

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