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I am using the p-slider in PrimeNG(13.4.1)
I have the slider working but there are some cases where I want to cancel the slider event.
Can this be done? When I look at the onChange event it contains two properties... 'event' and 'value'. value is always set to the slider value the user has moved the slider to. event is always undefined though, there appears no way of cancelling the action.

Is this true or am I missing something?

Here is the html I am using

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<p-slider [(ngModel)]="overlayMagnificationPercentage" [min]="minMagnification" [max]="maxMagnification" [step]="magnificationInterval" (onChange)="handleSliderMagnificationChange($event)"></p-slider>


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I'm not much familiar with it but yes I can help you to get out of this.

You can cancel the slider event by using the

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method on the

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object passed to the

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event handler. This method will prevent the default behavior of the event, which in this case is updating the value of the slider.

You can follow this example on how you can use this method to cancel the slider event:

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handleSliderMagnificationChange(event) {
  if (cancelEvent) {
However, it is important to note that in this example

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object is undefined.

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in your code refers to the

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object, which is the current value of the slider.

You can pass the value as a parameter and check if the condition met and then prevent the event.

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handleSliderMagnificationChange(value: number) {
  if (value === some_value) {
You can also make use of the

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event instead of

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which will trigger when the user releases the slider, allowing you to check the value and prevent the event if necessary.

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<p-slider [(ngModel)]="overlayMagnificationPercentage" [min]="minMagnification" [max]="maxMagnification" [step]="magnificationInterval" (onSlideEnd)="handleSliderMagnificationChange($event)"></p-slider>
Also, you can check the PrimeNG documentation or community forum for more information on how to handle the slider events.

James Millere

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