exception when dropdown is in column

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04 May 2016, 11:36

this is the model that the data table rows show.

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import {User} from "./user"
export class Incident {
    constructor(public id : Number, 
                public name : String, 
                public host : String,
                public score : number,
                public timestamp : Date,
                public user : User,
                public comment : string,
                public highlights :string[]){
the inner model looks like this:

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export class User
    constructor (public id: number, public name : string){}
and the html looks like:

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<p-dataTable [value]="incidents" selectionMode="single" [(selection)]="selectedIncident" (onRowSelect)="onRowSelect($event)" [paginator]="true" [rows]="10" [responsive]="true">
        <p-column [sortable]="true" field="" header="Status"></p-column>
        <p-column [sortable]="true" field="score" header="Score"></p-column>
        <p-column [sortable]="true" field="" header="Behavior Tags"></p-column>
        <p-column [sortable]="true" field="host" header="Host"></p-column>
        <p-column [sortable]="true" field="timestamp" header="Timestamp"></p-column>
        <p-column [sortable]="true" field="id" header="Trace Id"></p-column>
        <p-column [sortable]="true" field="user" header="Assigned">
                <template let-col let-ins="rowData">
                <p-dropdown [options]="users" [(ngModel)]="ins[col.field]"></p-dropdown>
        <p-column [sortable]="true" field="" header="Grouped"></p-column>
        <p-column [sortable]="true" field="comment" header="Comments"></p-column>
I get this exception:
angular2.dev.js:25644 ORIGINAL EXCEPTION: No value accessor for ''


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05 May 2016, 15:23

Does it work when outside of column? What is your PrimeNG version?

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