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Hello all. I'm having trouble with Calendar, "No value accessor for '' in [model.Date in QuoteCreateFormComponent]". I'm following the example from I have been unable to get this working. This is what my code currently looks like:

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<p-calendar class="form-control"
Side notes:
My value, model.Date, is a string.
I have tried removing the #Date="ngForm" line and the [ngFormControl]="quoteForm.controls['Date']" but still get the same result.
I'm using Angular2 beta 15. (maybe I need the newer version?)
I just installed primeng and primeui (literally today). I ran into an issue in splitbutton.d.ts where I had to change

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import { Location } from 'angular2/platform/common';
back to

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import { Router, Location } from 'angular2/router';

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