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I am new to Angular2 and PrimeNG.

I have tried to set up a test application following the Quickstart (which was successful) and then added primeng (by adapting the package.json to include primeng v1.0.0-beta.5 and primeui v4.1.11 in the dependencies section -- they include "@angular v2.0.0-rc.1). I managed to see the InputText control, but I have a problem Menubar. It does not find the MenuItem object imported from primeng/primeng as indicated in the PrimeNG web site (in the control list). Is the documentation outdated or am I missing something?

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29 May 2016, 18:45


You need PrimeNG beta6, we will check the docs.

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29 May 2016, 21:55

Hi, thanks for your answer.
Same thing happens with beta6. However, searching in the installed modules (beta6) I found that the MenuItem interface is in components/api/menumodel.

I tried the following, I can see the title and the textbox but nothing under that. What am I missing?

import { Component, OnInit} from '@angular/core';
import {InputText} from 'primeng/primeng';
import {Menubar} from 'primeng/primeng';
import {MenuItem} from 'primeng/components/api/menumodel';

selector: 'my-app',
template: `
<h1>My First Angular 2 App</h1>
<input type="text" pInputText />
<p-menubar [model]="items"></p-menubar>
directives: [InputText, Menubar]
export class AppComponent implements OnInit {
private items: MenuItem[];

ngOnInit() {
this.items = [
label: 'File'
label: 'Edit'

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