Problem rendering autocomplete within Datatable.

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i have a problem rendering autocomplete within Datatable.
The Autocomplete suggestions are opened for all the columns of all rows irrespective of desired column for a specific row.

Here is the code-snippet:

Code: Select all

            <p-dataTable [value]="cars" [editable]="true">
                <p-column field="vin" header="Vin" [editable]="true"></p-column>
                <p-column field="year" header="Year" [style]="{'overflow':'visible'}">
                    <template let-col let-car="rowData">
                        <p-autoComplete [(ng-model)]="country" [suggestions]="filteredCountriesSingle" (completeMethod)="filterCountrySingle($event)"
                            field="name" [size]="30" [minLength]="1">
                <p-column field="brand" header="Brand" [editable]="true">
                <p-column field="color" header="Color" [style]="{'overflow':'visible'}">
                    <template let-col let-car="rowData">
                        <p-dropdown [options]="cities" [(ng-model)]="selectedCity" [style]="{'width':'150px'}"></p-dropdown>
Below is the Issue:


Any help is much appreciated.

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