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10 Jul 2018, 23:07

Hello everyone.

I would like to know if it is possible to change the order of the spans of the menu panel.
for example.

First - the text label
second arrow
Third - Icon

Thank you

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13 Nov 2020, 02:25


Yes, it is possible.

In PrimeNG 10, the Panelmenu header uses Flex layout.
So, one can change the order of the items by using the CSS property "order".


Code: Select all

.p-panelmenu {
       // the chevron (arrow) icon
        .p-panelmenu-icon {
            order: 3; //here we are moving it to last position
            margin-left: auto;
Other classes are:
  • p-menuitem-icon
  • p-menuitem-text

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