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I have an Angular application built with Bootstrap/AdminLTE. Due issues with dependencies and jQuery I started to look arround for other solutions. PrimeNG seems a pretty good option and I'm interested in buying one of the templates.

But I'm wondering how it'll work for my architecture. Currently I use AdminLTE as an Angular component (called Dashboard) that build the menus and the top bar. This component is placed in a lib folder and is shared between Apps in the Angular Workspace (I use Nx Workspaces for that). In summary, my App is not a Dashboard, but installs a component that shows a Dashboard for one of the routes.

I skimmed through template docs and read that templates come in a ZIP file and is a full Angular app. So my questions are:
  1. Would be possible to move the PrimeNG Template layout into an independent component? Or I'd need to replace my App component?
  2. How we got the template updates? Is just another ZIP file available for download? I guess that I'd need to update the Template components "by hand" if I change the template files structure. Is that right?
  3. Anyone here did such migration (from Bootstrap to PrimeNG)? How it went?

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