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p-spinner + label + keyboard entry failure

Posted: 15 Jan 2019, 14:38
by tricky10
There is a small bug when using spinner together with label. When number is provided by keyboard directly without using component arrows the label is not going above the component - only when i use arrows it goes up.
I've done small researchand i've found that when I put value from keyabord directly class ui-inputwrapper-filled is not added to the spinner class attribute.
Couldyou please help to solve this issue.

<span class="ui-float-label">
<p-spinner id="form_maxMessagesPerSecond" [required]=true [(ngModel)]="topic.topicMeta.maxMessagesPerSecond" name="maxMessagesPerSecond"
[min]="0" size="25"></p-spinner>
<label for="form_maxMessagesPerSecond">Max messages per second</label>