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Hello there,

I was just building primeng component wrappers for my application. When I wrapped p-calendar I forwarded inputs from my components to p-calendar components, like so:

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<p-calendar [placeholder]="placeholder"
    ... etc ...
Everything worked fine for most of the inputs, but selectionMode and hourFormat inputs only accept three and two possible input values respectively ('single' | 'multiple' | 'range' and '12' | '24').

So, by not adding redundant inputs in my component,

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<my-calendar placeholder="'placeholder'"></my-calendar>
Angular will pass undefined to p-calendar to both selectionMode and hourFormat.

What happens is that calendar will not work properly and no error will be thrown.
Same happens for

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What do prime developers think about adding sanity checks for inputs like those?
I can see developers wasting time for a single typo which can easily be errored:

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    private _selectionMode: string;

    @Input() get selectionMode(): string {
        return this._selectionMode;
    set selectionMode(_selectionMode: string) {
        if (!["single", "multiple", "range"].includes(_selectionMode)) { // perhaps add an enum or list on top of the file
            throw "Invalid selection mode";
        this._selectionMode = _selectionMode;
Of course I solved that easily by adding default input value, but it still won't catch any typos and alike.

Thanks for the answer!

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