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Changing TreeTable view

Posted: 06 Jun 2019, 19:36
by olegkon

I am trying to modify TreeTable (or Tree) component to display Org chart:
1) when a node is selected, it should become a root node;
2) when selected, it should only display 1 level below from currently selected, not all (so Manager and his direct reports).
Ideally, it should show it with a line down (trunk) and from it horizontal lines (branches),
or at least show a good indentation between Manager and his team members;
3) add breadcrumb(s), so user still can later navigate to the upper level then currently selected;
4) each node should have a box with First+Last Name and Title.

Any help implementing it?
Maybe there is some other component better suited for such functionality?

At least, is there a way to change hierarchy root
(show subtree starting from selected node) ?

Please advise.