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I have a p-table which is implemented using frozen rows and columns. The p-table has multiple columns with checkboxes (like 10-15 checkboxes in a single row). I want to highlight a row on selection of checkbox. My concern is " If I select one checkbox in a row, the row should highlight and If I select another checkbox in the same row the row should be in highlighted mode only".

I used selection mode = multiple provided in the primeng documentation but it is not working as I expected. When selected on one check box the row is highlighted and when I select on another check box in the same row the row is not highlighting.

Please help me on how to do this : "selecting the multiple checkboxes of different columns in the same row should highlight the row ( For Example: we have 3 checkboxes selected in the same row that means row should highlight.. if we unselect 2 checkbox from 3 then also row should highlight...if we unselect all 3 then row shouldn't highlight... that means if we select one or more check boxes row should be on highlight mode.)

I will be greatly thankful If anyone helps me as soon as possible.

Attaching the snapshot of p-table
For Image please check this link
https://drive.google.com/open?id=16iVUh ... 77MiMu8ATA

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