p-datatable wrong z-index for Paginator when using resizableColumns="true"

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13 Aug 2019, 09:19

When using resizableColumns="true" in a p-dataTable the dropdown box for Row Per Page disappears under the horizontal scrollbar which is under the p-dataTable.

PrimeNG version 5.0.2.

I see this is fixed in PrimeNG 8+

When using on page tablecolresizedemo.html from demo website:

Code: Select all

<div class="content-section implementation">
    <h3 class="first">Fit Mode</h3>
    <p-table [columns]="cols" [value]="cars1"
        <ng-template pTemplate="header" let-columns>
                <th *ngFor="let col of columns" pResizableColumn>
        <ng-template pTemplate="body" let-rowData let-columns="columns">
                <td *ngFor="let col of columns" class="ui-resizable-column">

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