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Hi Everybody,

I've started to use theme designer recently and trying to figure out optimal way to organize SDLC for custom primeNG themes. I faced the following issues/questions:

1. As theme is built by a separate tool (designer application), source code of theme is placed in a separate angular project and have to be committed in a separate repo (or in a separate place in the repo of main application for which theme is being designed). In other words i should commit the whole angular project of designer applicaion with my theme, right?

2. What if i want to design several themes? How to switch between themes in one designer project? or I need to make a copy of designer for each cusom theme?

3. Is there any way to keep source scss files of custome theme in my application and build theme in scope of my angular project, so i can instantly see the changes in my layout instead of designer? it would be much more convenient

Any thoughts and expirences regarding the issues are welcome!

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