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25 Oct 2019, 12:47

Hi all,
I have a tree structure and i upgraded recently to primeNG 8.4 so that i can use the filtering on it. Although the filtering works fine, the changes on the data after i have filtered down dont work as expected.

If lets say i search for testNode and i end up with a structure like this one :

--- testNode
------ childNode1
------ childNode2
------ childNode3

then, if i change/add/delete something on any of the childnodes (or X level nested) it works ok, if i change anything on the testNode (the one that matches the filtering) then it works only the FIRST time, if i change anything on a node on the path BEFORE the node that i have filtered to, it doesnt work at all.

If i filter out then my changes are there, filtering back in and the same behaviour starts again. Is there a way to solve this? The sad part is that filtering out/in doesnt help either as it loses the opened/closed state of the nodes.

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