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01 Nov 2019, 10:50

I'm trying to implement a tooltip on p-selectbutton. It's fine on desktop as I've added the "title" attribute, so when the user hovers over the button, a title pops out describing what each button is. However, on mobile view there is no title attribute.

My first attempt on a workaround for mobile tooltip was to add an info icon at the side of the select button, and make the tooltip appear if the user clicks on the info icon. However, adding .active and .focus css class to detect the user clicking the info icon wasn't as accurate as I hope. The select button get selected together with the icon at times.

For a second workaround, I've been thinking to have a split button that show the the tooltip instead. However, select button doesn't allow me to change the buttons into split buttons. Any help on this? Greatly appreciated!

Let me know if my explanation is not clear enough :P


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