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We are trying to integrate p-editor control (primeNg v4) in an Angular 4 application. We have declared p-editor in html in below manner:
<p-editor [(ngModel)]="text1" [style]="{'height':'320px'}"></p-editor>

In TypeScript class, we are setting text1 variable's value: (myclass is a CSS class with font-weight: bold value)
text1: string = '<div class="myclass">Hello World!</div><div>PrimeNG <b>Editor</b> Rocks</div><div><br></div>';

However, after compilation, the inner content of p-editor does not show text Hello Word as bold. Is p-editor control not recognizing style class specified on div element when generating output? We are not able to show table html like <table><tr><td> inside p-editor. Please note that we want to show data in table structure in the p-editor control.

Please let us know if this is a known limitation.


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Have you found a solution?
Regards Rolf

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