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14 May 2020, 07:51

We upgraded our primeng to v9, including changing all p-datatable to p-table,
and now the lazy load (with virtual scroll) takes much more time than it used to ( only first time - scroll works OK).
if loading of 1500 row took about 1-2 seconds, now it takes about 10-20 seconds and more!
no change was done to the onLazyLoad callback.
Can anyone help?

Code: Select all

<p-table #dt [virtualScroll]="virtualScroll" [dataKey]="tableDataKey" [rows]="rows" [paginator]="paginator"
            (onLazyLoad)="loadLazy($event)" [pageLinks]="3" [scrollable]="true" loadingIcon="fa fa-spinner"
            [columns]="columnList" [styleClass]="paginator?'paginator': enableFilter?'scroll filter-table':'scroll'"
            [totalRecords]="virtualScroll?totalRecords:null" [value]="displayList1" [lazy]="virtualScroll"
            [loading]="loading" [resizableColumns]="true" [(selection)]="selectedItem" [expandedRowKeys]="expandedRows"
            (onRowSelect)="onrowSelect($event)" (onRowUnselect)="onRowUnSelect($event)"
            [metaKeySelection]="false" (onHeaderCheckboxToggle)="onHeaderCheckboxToggle($event)"
virtualScroll & lazy are true

Code: Select all

loadLazy(event: LazyLoadEvent) {
    this.filters = event.filters;
    this.loading = true;
    setTimeout(() => {
      this.loading = false;
      if (this.displayList) {
        let list = this.displayList.filter(row => this.filterField(row, event.filters) && this.globalFilterFileld(row, event.globalFilter));
        this.displayList1 = list.slice(event.first, (event.first + event.rows));
        this.totalRecords = list.length;
    }, 250);

Posts: 4
Joined: 23 Apr 2017, 08:42

25 May 2020, 06:41

For anyone who has the same problem:
what we did eventually was to replace all lazy tables withe tables without lazy loading but with pagination,
this works fast for tables with 15000 rows!

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