Sapphire - How to be implemented a table that will fit to mobilewith a lot of data information to mobile device ?

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21 May 2020, 16:18

Hi, Today we have a situation that we have a table with a lot of data and( more than 10 columns).
when the user opens that table with his mobile device the data is overlapping and the user can't read any information

can you please help us in order to find a solution to this case?

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21 May 2020, 17:16

I would look at ... responsive

and ... /coltoggle



The "Responsive" feature allows for hiding columns that are less important when the viewport is too small to view all the columns. You may run into problems if you don't have obvious low priority columns that don't need to be shown.

Alternatively, the "Column Toggle" would allow the user to reduce/add the number of columns they are viewing manually.

Both solutions are assuming you implemented Dynamic columns.

I bet there is some fancy way to combine both "Responsive" and "Toggle" by creating your own "Responsive" function - not CSS based - but rather based on loading a set of columns based on viewport size - then allowing the user to toggle on/off as needed.

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