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How to set value to p-calendar and p-dropdown using vanilla javascript

Posted: 28 Jun 2020, 15:26
by Pawanm012
I tried to set value for p-dropdown using javascript and i see the selected index value which I gave but when I tried to trigger the event using dispatchEvent it doesn't works. For p-calender I'm not able to set date value.

Code that i have tried:

select the dropdown option
document.querySelector("p-dropdown[formcontrolname='secque']").getElementsByTagName("select")[0].options[1].selected = true

check selected option

to trigger event
document.querySelector("p-dropdown[formcontrolname='secque']").getElementsByTagName("select")[0].dispatchEvent(new Event('change',{ bubbles: true }))

document.querySelector("p-dropdown[formcontrolname='secque']").getElementsByTagName("select")[0].dispatchEvent(new Event('change'))

also tried with same with event "select" , "input"

for datepicker

any solution ??
Thanks in advance