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27 Jul 2020, 12:23

I am new to Angular and set up a simple application including primeng components.

The page I am building is as simple as this:

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   <p-tabPanel header="Tab 1">
   <p-tabPanel header="Tab 2">
   <p-tabPanel header="Tab 3">

<p-panel header="Example Panel">
I can render the <p-tabView> just fine, but when I try to use other components, mainly a simple <p-panel> no components are rendered anymore. I can see them in Chrome explorer with a size of 0x0 and containing a <!--container--> comment inside

What I mean is, I get the <p-tabView> to render perfectly, as soon as I add a <p-panel> to same page, nothing is shown anymore GCListens

My dependencies are:

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Angular ~9.0.5
 primeicons ^2.0.0
 primeng ^9.0.5
All components are included in my app.module.ts like

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import {TabViewModule} from 'primeng/tabview';
import {PanelModule} from 'primeng/panel';


imports: [
The stylesheets I included are:

I really have no idea where to start solving this. Help would be appreciated!

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