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15 Sep 2020, 01:33

When I upgraded from Angular 9 to 10 and primeng from 9 to 10, I quickly discovered that the theme we are using, nova-light, is gone. I see that nova is still available, and is almost the same, just with larger line heights. Then I discover the layout of all my forms is gone. I discover that the grid system ui-g is gone, and in the primeng documentation I see that there is now p-grid.

Why keep some legacy themes but not others?

Is there anything in the release notes that said ui-g was going away? Or how to migrate from one to the other? Or how to continue using ui-g

It sure would be nice if PrimeNg would list breaking changes somewhere so I can decide whether to spend all that time upgrading to the new version.

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20 Sep 2020, 19:48

Hopefully we'll get some guidelines to upgrade themes and components to angular 10. this might introduce lot of hacks in the code while upgrading.

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21 Sep 2020, 21:36

So you aren't alone, ran into both of these issues today. Did some digging into the ui-g issue because it seemed alarming. It looks like it was intentional, just poorly communicated.

When grid was deprecated they did a good job of making that clear in their documentation and change log. (you can see it on v8

The NG Prime 10 release blog just has a vague comment about minimizing their CSS bundle, and I imagine this was a big part of it.

Maybe they will comment on it to confirm its dead, but I would have preferred finding out before actually attempting the migration. I can agree with the move to FlexBox, its just a decent amount of work to go unplanned.

Edit: So they do mention it in the change log ...

Seems like a fairly large thing to deprecate with so little fanfare.

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