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14 Nov 2020, 00:52

I'm in the process of upgrading a large angular app from 6.1.9 to 10.2.3 and primeNG 6 to 10.0.3 and I'm having some data binding issues with code that previously worked fine.

I've stripped down my component that uses pDropdown as simple as I could for testing.

In this example, I get my list of dropdown choices listed as 'Empty'.

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<div >

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import { Component, Input } from '@angular/core';

  selector: 'fme-dropdown-ajs',
  templateUrl: './fme-dropdown.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['./fme-dropdown.component.scss']
export class FmeDropdownComponent {

  @Input() options: {caption: string, value: string, display: string}[];
  @Input() model: {caption: string, value: string, display: string};
  optionLabel = 'display';

  constructor() { }


This example used to work fine before upgrading from angular/primeng 6 to 10.
This example also works fine if I use template interpolation.

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I tried reproducing this in a stackblitz since I saw nothing wrong with using data-binding, but could not reproduce the issue.

After more investigation it appears to only happen with Ivy enabled and sounds very similar to this issue

Anyone have any ideas what's going on or can point me in the correct direction?

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