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16 Nov 2020, 17:55

Hi everyone,

We started a new project on PrimeNG two weeks ago. At begining, everything was fine. But digging a little bit in order to use full components functionalities, we started to face some (heavy) bugs.

I have some questions someone could perhaps answer, as emails stay without reply atm :

- How is Primefaces involved in PrimeNG ?
- Are components better in Primefaces packages (which one ?...) than in PrimeNG ?
- Is there a real documentation somewhere ?
- Is PrimeNG 10 ready for production ?

We really liked PrimeNG at begining, things starting to go wrong when we tried to fine tune our app. For example, table with sorting/filtering and lazy loading lacks of documentation, and issues on Github are even sometimes closed without reason or even reply from devs (Primefaces ?). Paying a subscription is absolutely not an issue. But we don't even know what packages are (this is not very clear, as we don't need theme, just working components, according to documentation).

I know I am a bit rude here, but we really need to know if PrimeNG (or PrimeFaces) are usable for a professional application.

Thanks a lot !

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17 Nov 2020, 15:51

If you check the homepage, everything should be clear ;)
PrimeFaces = for JSF
PrimeNG = for Angular

I cant speak for the other questions, i'm on the JSF side and not a Angular user.
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18 Nov 2020, 14:04

I've just replied to your email.

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