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17 Nov 2020, 14:10

Does someone know how to set all cells in my table editable by default? Currently after clicking on a cell it becomes editable... I'd like to have all cells in my table by default editable (in edit state) when my table is loaded in Angular. The purpose? I want to set a css border of input element inside of my <td></td>

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<td *ngIf="values" class="ellipsis" pEditableColumn>
              <ng-template pTemplate="input">
                base_url: '/tinymce',
                suffix: '.min',
                inline: true,
                height: 500,
                menubar: false,
                  'subscript superscript'
              <ng-template pTemplate="output">
                {{removeAllHtmlTagsFromString(rowData.value) | truncateValue: 40}}

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