What Constitutes a Breaking Change In PrimeNG?

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20 Nov 2020, 16:35

As I look through the PrimeNG Changelog, it appears that very few changes are specifically marked as being Breaking Changes. The ones marked this way show up as:
  • 4 items in 11.0.0-rc.1
  • 1 item in 10.0.0-rc.4
  • 2 items in 7.1.0-rc.1
  • 1 item in 7.0.5
Are breaking changes consistently shown as such in the change log, or is it more random? I'm looking specifically at
Remove ui-g #8761
in 10.0.0-rc-1, which I've seen referred to as a breaking change, yet isn't shown as one. I have an open ticket at work to look at this at work, but am now wondering whether there are other things in there that could also be considered as breaking.

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23 Nov 2020, 13:50

As a 4 year old project, PrimeNG is currently going through a significant modernization phase that bring breaking changes, starting with v11, it is back to being stable as it was before. No major breaking changes are planned from now on as the process is concluded.

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