Slider range - is there a way to check which slider was used?

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02 Dec 2020, 10:29

I'm using the slider-component with a range and it works as supposed but I would like to extend the use of it and so I'm wondering if there is an easy way to check which slider was dragged.

This is an scenario of what I want to achieve:
I set min=0 and max=100.
The range difference should never be higher than 30.
So if I start my range with e.g 20, 50 and I drag the left slider to 0, I want the right one to be dragged to 30. If I drag the right one to 80 I want the left one to be dragged to 50.
Any range below 30 is fine and doesn't require any adaption.

I'm working on a workaround by comparing rangeValues on changeEvent but this way seems to be some kind of laborious.

Is there an easier way for checking which slider was moved?

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