Translation function not executed for components using ngx-translate with ngx-translate-messageformat-compiler

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08 Jan 2021, 15:17

Hi, to implement internationalization and pluralization I tried to use ngx-translate with ngx-translate-messageformat-compiler.

If not using the latter I also get to work PrimeNg componets to be translated (e.g a calendar). When I use ngx-translate-messageformat-compiler somehow the translation function handed over to PrimeNGConfig is not executed properly. Does anyone an explanation or solution for this?


Code to feed translation to primeNG componets:

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    this.translateService.get('primeng').subscribe(res => this.primengconfig.setTranslation(res));
in app.module:

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      defaultLanguage: 'nl',
      loader: {
          provide: TranslateLoader,
          useFactory: (createTranslateLoader),
          deps: [HttpClient],
      compiler: {
        provide: TranslateCompiler,
        useClass: TranslateMessageFormatCompiler

using angular 9.0.4

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 "primeng": "^11.0.0-rc.2",

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01 May 2021, 03:38

I was able to fix this issue by doing the following

async applyLanguageChange() {
this.translate.get('PrimeNg', {}).subscribe(res => {
const translations = this.fixPrimeNGTranslations(res);

private fixPrimeNGTranslations(translations: any) {
switch (typeof translations) {
case 'function':
return translations();
case 'object':
if (Array.isArray(translations)) {
return => this.fixPrimeNGTranslations(t));

for (const key in translations) {
translations[key] = this.fixPrimeNGTranslations(translations[key]);
return translations;
return translations;

In order for this to work you must follow the following instructions to set-up your own translations for PrimeNG

This seems to be a PrimeNG issue since the simple values of primeNg translations are translated properly but not arrays, like months, daysOfTheWeek, etc.

It is possible to observe this issue using
this.primeNgConfig.translationObserver.subscribe(translations => {

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