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Calendar not editable

Posted: 11 Jan 2021, 20:40
by olegkon

I have 2 instances of PrimeNg Calendar (startData & endDate) inside p-table on a form which is a component inside tabPanel of tabView, displayed on a popup.
By default, startDate is filled and endDate is blank. I need both of them to be editable.
It works overall, but not reliably: sometimes when the user clicks to edit, the proper calendar is either not coming up, or tries but not opening.
It seems to work better on 4K, but not on 1080p where most users are. But if you change focus from startDate to endDate (or move the vertical scrollbar in case of many rows), it usually finally comes up.
Both startDate and endDate have enough room to be displayed properly. I use overflow-y: auto; overflow-x: hidden; for that component.

So Calendar popup with a month of data is not showing up reliably when the user clicks on the editable startDate/endDate field
(which is on popup having tabs, fairly complex one) on 1080p screen.

Can you suggest how to make that Edit work more reliable?

Using PrimeNG 6.1.7 and Angular 6.