Datatable reorder columns when using state management

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16 Mar 2021, 13:01

Hi guys,
I'm using NGXS as my state management lib. All is working nice and fluid.
The only problem I'm having is when trying to reorder columns in the table. From the moment you use a state management tool a verification is made on object mutations.

Having this, it means whenever I try to reorder the columns I get an error

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Cannot assign to read only property '1' of object '[object Array]'
because apparently the way the columns are reordered is by using a Utils function called

Code: Select all

that uses splice and mutates the object.

Does anyone have this problem or does anyone tried to reorder columns when using a state management tool?


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23 Nov 2022, 01:10

Hi! Encountered the same problem! Did you find a solution?

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