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01 Apr 2021, 18:08

Good morning everyone

I just bought PrimeNG Roma template. I am new into this and I would like just to use bascis. In order to do that I commented out the app.component.html class and started use step by step

This is the original
<!-- <div class="layout-wrapper"
[ngClass]="{'layout-editor-code': codeEditor, 'p-ripple-disabled': !ripple, 'p-input-filled': inputStyle === 'filled'}">
<app-topbar *ngIf="codeEditor || initialized" (menuButtonClick)="onMenuButtonClick()" [codeEditor]="codeEditor">
<app-editor *ngIf="!codeEditor && theme" [theme]="theme" [active]="sidebarActive" [(inputStyle)]="inputStyle"
[(ripple)]="ripple" (compiled)="onCompile($event)" (restart)="onRestart()"></app-editor>
<div class="layout-content" *ngIf="codeEditor || initialized">
<div class="layout-mask" [ngClass]="{'layout-mask-active': sidebarActive}" *ngIf="!codeEditor && initialized"
(click)="sidebarActive = false"></div>
<app-footer *ngIf="codeEditor || initialized"></app-footer>
<app-intro @intro *ngIf="!codeEditor && !initialized" (themeSelect)="onThemeSelect($event)"></app-intro>

I have started to build some fresh web. Everything is working fine untill I try to add p-progressbar or p-chips. For example

<p-chips [(ngModel)]="chips">
<ng-template let-item pTemplate="item">
{{ item }} - (active) <i class="pi pi-user"></i>

This element is added into website but its not displayed. What`s funny other elements like p-avatar are working.

Since there are not erros I belive i missing some themes configuration ? I saw that in the code I commeneted there were http requests to primeng to get themes but I would like to have just one theme static added into the website.

Can somone help me ?

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