p-table not updating selected items after data change

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15 Apr 2021, 05:20

Wondering if anyone has ever run into this issue. I'm going to try to duplicate the issue with a basic app in the morning I think but figured I'd post it here as well.

So if you have a table with the selection bound like so:

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<p-table [columns]="cols" [value]="data" selectionMode="multiple" [(selection)]="selectedItems">
Then you select one or more items. While selected, the data value changes and one of the items in your selection is removed - what I'm currently seeing is that the removed item stays in the selectedItems in spite of it no longer appearing in the table.

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23 Apr 2021, 13:37

Hey, I am just a fellow user, but this may be a bug request. Try on GitHub...


Then go to the issues tab. I am not sure what PrimeFaces thinks the supported use-cases for turbo-table, but you should give them a chance to understand your issue. I have personally reported bugs there.

Now per remediation of your issue, in your table row delete method you can add something like the following:

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this.selectedItems = this.selectedItems.filter( item => item.Id !== deleteId );

Good luck.

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