How to place a right justified button in dialog header.

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25 Apr 2021, 14:46

Hey, I am using Angular 11. I want to place a button in the right corner of a dialog title-bar (header). I emulated it as follows:

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<div class='p-dialog-header'>
  <span class='p-dialog-title'>
      <div style='display: flex; justify-content: space-between;'>
        <div style='justify-content: flex-start;'>
          Some Dialog Title
        <div style='justify-content: flex-end;'>
          <button pButton type='button' icon='pi pi-image' class='p-button-primary'></button>

I did come to a solution. By placing background colors in the title-bar DIV tags. I found that it was not expanding to 100%. The SPAN tag was collapsed. So, I added the following to my style.css:

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.p-dialog-title { width: 100%; }
I hope this will help.

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