possible bug with layout/olympos-layout.css

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30 Sep 2016, 05:08

there is a bug in the layout/olympos-layout.css or there was atleast a bug for me, that I had to fix, to remove errors for the ng2 project

src: url(" ../fonts/lato-black-webfont.eot");

should be

src: url("../fonts/lato-black-webfont.eot");

the difference is the space before the .., I removed the space and all my bugs went away except the submenu on the left not loading the res link

also, I had to change the urls on the theme.css to src: url("../layout/fonts/lato-bold-webfont.eot"); I added in the ../layout/ so it would reference that font folder

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25 Nov 2016, 16:26

Thanks a lot! Fixed for next version. https://github.com/primefaces/layouts/issues/137


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