Icarus dynamic menu with more than ~9 entries not working

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11 Aug 2016, 17:26

I am using the latest Icarus (1.1) IcarusMenu in the form

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<pi:menu widgetVar="MatrixMenu" id="panelMenu_#{menubean.menuBarActiveItem.id}" model="#{menubean.panelMenu}"/>
where the menuModel is being generated dynamically from code using Primefaces org.primefaces.model.menu.DefaultMenuModel, org.primefaces.model.menu.DefaultMenuItem and org.primefaces.model.menu.DefaultSubMenu objects (This also means the defaultMenuModel.generateUniqueIds() is used for generation of element ids).

If the menu has more than ~9 top-level entries, the menu style breaks (subsequent menu items have wrong CSS style class "sidebar-submenuitem" instead of "sidebar-menuitem" which looks broken) due to IcarusMenuRenderer:70 and IcarusMenuRenderer:91 isParentRootMenu(String elementId) method calls in IcarusMenuRenderer:178.
This is due to this method, where the element id is checked for its length (something like return (elementId.trim().length() == 1)), which returns wrong results for elements having an id > 9.

This can be easily reproduced by generating a dynamic menu using the specified default menu model and primefaces menu item classes, where there are more than 9 top-level menu items.

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15 Aug 2016, 08:41

Hi ,

We will review this and get back to you.

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31 Aug 2016, 10:21

Our current workaround, which works fine for us at the moment:

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protected boolean isParentRootMenu(String elementId) {
  return (!elementId.contains(BaseMenuModel.ID_SEPARATOR));
It basically checks if an item's id separator (e.g. "_") is present in the id - if not, it should be a top-menu item [e.g. "13"], if it is present [e.g. "13_1", "14_2_1"], it is a sub-menu entry. It works fine with DefaultMenuItem and DefaultSubMenu, I am not sure it would also work with other types of MenuItems because the id generation may be different.

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06 Sep 2016, 09:17

@Aragorn, please check this out.

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23 Sep 2016, 10:24

Thanks for the fix, @matrix. I added it into next release. Github issue; https://github.com/primefaces/layouts/issues/115

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