Set gridlines, striped, smaller paddings per Default for Datatable

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26 Nov 2021, 14:22

I though I could use the "Omega" layout as a drop-in replacement for the "Omega" theme in PF 10. Turns out that the just share the name and that won't work as the used theme is "saga" (as far as I understand that).

For example the databale looks completely different. I need a table with smaller paddings, striped rows and gridlines. So I found that I could use "gridlines (.ui-datatable-gridlines), striped rows (.ui-datatable-striped) and smaller paddings (ui-datatable-sm)".

Is there any possibility to use this as default for all my datatables without changing every page?
I know that I could copy the CSS from the theme (body .ui-datatable.ui-datatable-striped .ui-datatable-data > tr.ui-datatable-odd ...... ) to my own CSS file and remove the ".ui-datatable-striped". But that would destroy the idea of having a global theme for that?


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24 Dec 2021, 15:20


You can change sass variables related to datatable. Then, please provide new theme files.

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$datatableBodyCellBorderWidth: 1px;  /* For gridlines -> default: 0 0 1px 0 !default , Line 451*/
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