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Dynamic menu duplicating label

Posted: 23 Oct 2017, 18:25
by IsahannHan
I've recently updated my project to Ultima 1.1, and i'm already having an error. I'm building the left menu via code using a dynamic menu:

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        DefaultMenuItem dashboard = new DefaultMenuItem("Dashboard");
        DefaultSubMenu customizacao = new DefaultSubMenu("Customização");
        ... (other menus)
but it seems like it's duplicating the label (only for the submenus, not the menu items) when showing:


is there any solution or is it an recent layout error?

I'm using PrimeFaces 6.1 and Ultima 1.1.

Re: Dynamic menu duplicating label

Posted: 26 Oct 2017, 13:41
by mert.sincan
It is an expected behavior. Second text(Exp; Second "Dashboard" text) is for tooltip on Slim Menu Mode. Did you install theme.jar of v1.1? or If you use scss file for theme, did you provide Css with Sass command?

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sass -w src/main/webapp/resources/ --sourcemap

Also, When you select second text with inspector of the browser, please check the following css;

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.layout-wrapper .layout-menu .layout-menu-tooltip {
    display: none;
    padding: 0 5px;
    position: absolute;
    left: 76px;
    top: 17px;
    z-index: 101;
    line-height: 1;
It works fine for me.

Re: Dynamic menu duplicating label

Posted: 26 Oct 2017, 15:19
by IsahannHan
Somewhere in the project the display tag from my tooltip text was set to block, i just updated it to none and it worked.

Thanks :)

Re: Dynamic menu duplicating label

Posted: 27 Oct 2017, 07:11
by mert.sincan
Glad to hear, thanks for the update!