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17 Mar 2021, 23:44

Hello guys,

I just bought this template.
1. first i see in forum that there is the demo project, but where is it?
2. i followed the steps, (import poseidon layout, template, add dependency to local mvn rep). But i have the following issue :

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public static ArrayList<String> filterStylesheets(FacesContext context, ArrayList<ResourceInfo> resourceInfos) {
        if (resourceInfos == null || resourceInfos.isEmpty()) {
            return null;
        ResourceHandler resourceHandler = context.getApplication().getResourceHandler();
        ArrayList<String> stylesheets = new ArrayList<String>();
        for (ResourceInfo resourceInfo : resourceInfos) {
            if (isStylesheet(resourceInfo.getResource())) {
                Resource resource;
                if (ComponentUtils.isValueBlank(resourceInfo.getLibrary())) {
                    resource = resourceHandler.createResource(resourceInfo.getName());
                else {
                    resource = resourceHandler.createResource(resourceInfo.getName(), resourceInfo.getLibrary());
        return stylesheets;

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Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "javax.faces.application.Resource.getRequestPath()" because "resource" is null
with = css/demo-poseidon-wedgewood-light.css

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

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19 Mar 2021, 15:12


1. Demo project is in the tag folder. You can run with basic 2 steps:
Firstly run sass compile command:

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sass --watch src/main/webapp/resources:src/main/webapp/resources --no-source-map
After then run demo project with maven command:

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mvn clean jetty:run
Please take care of your sass version before run these commands. Use sass version 1.30 or upper.

2. Please copy theme folders (after sass compile command) and paste to your maven project under src/main/webapp/resources folder. Also you can look and examine the file-folder structure on demo project in tag folder.

Best Regards,

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