active p:menuitem in p:submenu

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Please see our restoreState method;

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restoreMenuState: function () {
        var link = $('a[href^="' + this.cfg.pathname + '"]'); // This line checks the url of anchor elements with browser's url.
        var $this = this;
        if (link.length) {
Could you please share the DOM structures of the elements with the 'om_dashboard' and 'om_useradmin' ids?

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<li id="menuform:om_formlayout" role="menuitem">
   <a href="/poseidon/formlayout.xhtml"><i class="pi pi-id-card layout-menuitem-icon"></i><span class="layout-menuitem-text">Form Layout</span></a>
   <div class="layout-menu-tooltip">
      <div class="layout-menu-tooltip-arrow"></div>
      <div class="layout-menu-tooltip-text">Form Layout</div>
<li id="menuform:om_input" role="menuitem">
   <a href="/poseidon/input.xhtml"><i class="pi pi-check-square layout-menuitem-icon"></i><span class="layout-menuitem-text">Input</span></a>
   <div class="layout-menu-tooltip">
      <div class="layout-menu-tooltip-arrow"></div>
      <div class="layout-menu-tooltip-text">Input</div>
Please see href attributes of <a> tags.

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