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New TurboTable styling in v6.1.1

Posted: 31 Oct 2018, 00:38
by jamesskurray
Hi, I'm planning to upgrade my angular app and primeNg to version 6 or slightly above. I'm also planning on replacing all old dataTable in my components to turboTable(p-table) since the latter are deprecated. I'm currently using Ultima styling v5.2.4. I introduced a p-table in one of my component and noticed styling is minimal(only alternated row background colours).
My question is: Once I transition to Ultima v6.1.1 should I expect to get a styling similar to the old dataTable even for p-table?
I know I can tweak the scss files in order to get that, but I would prefer only modifying colours as it should be.

Re: New TurboTable styling in v6.1.1

Posted: 05 Nov 2018, 13:04
by merve7
Yes, TurboTable has a similar style with Datatable.
Also, you can see the style in live preview because we use new turbotable in live preview (