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How to customize menu ?

Posted: 27 Dec 2018, 06:55
by manishbjain
Hello ,

I have just purchased the ultima theme and trying to configure the theme for my app. The first thing I wanna do is customize the menu. I only want to see slim menu when the app is opened in the desktop and overlay menu when on tabs and mobiles. I only want code specific to that and remove all unwanted code giving options to select the menu. How do I do that ?

Re: How to customize menu ?

Posted: 28 Dec 2018, 13:19
by merve7
You need to change some lines in app.component.html and;
change ngClass in 4th line in app.component.html;

Code: Select all

            [ngClass]="{'menu-layout-static': !isOverlay(),
            'menu-layout-slim': true,
            'layout-menu-static-active': staticMenuMobileActive}"
Remove layout modes in customization section in
Also you can add your style in your override files in overrides folder.