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Clear cache css (CTRL + F5)

Posted: 13 Nov 2018, 12:02
by ceechette
Hi, I need the browser to clear the automatic cache (CTRL + F5). Because I alter the css Verona but replication in browsers does not happen. Can someone help me?

Re: Clear cache css (CTRL + F5)

Posted: 13 Nov 2018, 15:47
by aragorn
Unfortunately, it is not possible with CSS. No need to clear cache. You need to use the structure such as SASS, SCSS, LESS etc and execute your command with --watch mode(-w). Verona has SASS structure. Please use the following command;

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sass -w src/main/webapp/resources/ --sourcemap=none
Then, after you change the css style in *.scss files, you'll see the changes when you refresh the page. SASS doc;