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DataList or DataTable issues

Posted: 16 Oct 2017, 08:02
by dhimanrahul
Hello Support,
I am having following issue with our Primeng Datalist in Poseidon theme:
We have a pre-populated DataList , which contains Biographic information like Firstname, lastname etc,
When we search users by ID or other attributes it does Not clear the pre-populated Datalist, it adds that the new results on top of the list. However the behaviour should be that it should Only show what we search for.
We have another issue with Drop Down Menu, whenever we select something from Drop down (Again Primeng) it re-adds all the options into drop down, hence making it double the size and it keeps increasing as we keep clicking on drop down menu

any help would be much appreciated.

Re: DataList or DataTable issues

Posted: 01 Dec 2017, 12:05
by cagatay.civici
I think these are PrimeNG related not Poseidon which is just a theme. Please post this at PrimeNG forum or github with a plunkr.