Is Morpheus has the same problem as Olympus

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18 Feb 2017, 14:08

Hi to all,
in the first I'm interesting for Morpheus theme and I want to know, before purchase it, if this theme has the same issue as Olymus.
In fact, I bought Olympus theme but I had very hard problem, the problem is :
The behavior of DASHBORD TAB is not like the others Tab, when I put a menu in one of the others Tab, this menu and the Tab will not be
selected automatically.

So, I want to know if Morpheus trait this problem.

Thanks in advance.

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18 Feb 2017, 21:23

Morpheus is very different than Olympos in terms of implementation because tabs of Olympos are regular html elements however in Morpheus whole sidebar is a JSF component. There are 3 components, tabMenu, tab and the menu;

Code: Select all

<pm:tabMenu id="tabMenu">
            <pm:tab id="tab1" icon="fa fa-folder-open" title="FEATURES">
                <h:form id="menu-form">
                    <pm:menu widgetVar="me">
                       <p:submenu id="om_components" label="Components" icon="fa fa-fw fa-sitemap">
                            <p:menuitem id="om_sample" value="Sample Page" icon="fa fa-fw fa-columns" outcome="/sample" />
                            <p:menuitem id="om_forms" value="Forms" icon="fa fa-fw fa-code" outcome="/forms" />
Since everything is a JSF component at sidebar, it does not have problems like Olmypos, this was a feedback that we gathered from Olympos and implemented it differently for Atlantis and Morpheus so you won't have the same problem. In fact you can add another pm:menu to another pm:tab as well.

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